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Adometry by Google transforms the way the world’s top brands improve marketing performance. Acting as marketing’s “system of record,” Adometry solves the complex challenge of integrating, measuring, and optimizing marketing performance across all channels―both online and offline.

Combining and interpreting previously silo’d sources of data; the Adometry Marketing Intelligence Platform provides data-driven attribution, marketing mix modeling, and intelligent optimization recommendations across and within channels.  As a result, marketers are able to identify their true impact on the customer journey and generate actionable insights that improve ROI.

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C3 Metrics’ Intellectual Property and SaaS platform solves difficult problems in a changing market.  C3 Metrics’ IP is the first of its kind to detect viewable impressions through cross-domain iFrames while seamlessly connected to the most advanced attribution platform.  Prior to C3’s advances, viewable impressions were undetectable in ads served by cross-domain iFrames (80% of ad inventory), and consequently conversion credit was erroneously given to billions of ads not viewed.  Buyers and sellers turn to C3 Metrics because its award-winning platform and products, architected for real-time attribution, complete the loop and automate the process of correctly reporting which viewed media create awareness, interest, and action.  C3’s technology is certified by Google Display, Yahoo!, AOL, and runs on 27+ DSP’s and networks.  Headquartered in New York with offices in California and Boston, C3 Metrics is comprised of leading experts in the field of digital and television measurement from DoubleClick, eBay, PepsiCo, Yahoo! and Nielsen.

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Magnetic is a digital technology company specializing in retargeting solutions that combine intent data with display advertising to power brand awareness and direct response campaigns. Magnetic uses billions of search data queries and a proprietary bidder to programmatically buy and reach audiences who have signaled either interest or purchase intent where they spend 96% of their time online – on news sites, blogs, e-commerce sites and social networks. Founded with a specialized focus on search retargeting, Magnetic’s advertising solutions also extend to site retargeting, and include advanced media optimization and buying and cross channel capabilities.

Headquartered in New York City, Magnetic also has offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto and London.

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