The Viewability Series

Viewability in RTB: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The ability to buy audiences in real-time has opened up an entirely new set of possibilities for marketers, and there’s no turning back. Welcome to the world of personalized display advertising, enhanced media efficiencies and dynamic pricing models. While this new climate is incredibly promising, evidenced by the significant dollars shifting to digital, it also introduces unique drawbacks. A looming obstacle to marketers’ quest for an optimal RTB ecosystem is viewability. Regardless of whether you’re an advertiser or publisher, buying inventory direct or via an exchange, it’s in your best interest to ensure that your ads are actually viewed. But what do we mean when we say ‘viewable ad impressions,’ and what are some prominent threats to viewability?

Viewability issues, such as widespread fraud, pose a serious, potentially catastrophic threat to the future of RTB. Fraud in display can trigger a serious domino effect as wasted impressions, and therefore wasted ad dollars, trickle down from publishers to ad exchanges, and ultimately to agencies and brands. Skewed performance and insights, vast proportions of ads going unseen, and huge percentages of wasted budgets collectively threaten the entire advertising industry.
This interactive discussion will educate agencies and brands on the true meaning of viewability, as well as the true value and future of RTB. Our expert panel will identify the victims of fraud, share insights on how to combat these challenges, and discuss what the industry is doing (and could do better) to solve for viewability.

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